Blouzouki is an international band led by the french songwriter Hugo Labattut. His songs are inspired by his travels around the world. From blues to swing or acoustic french style, his songs are the combination of all his inspirations such as Tom Waits, Sanseverino, Serge Gainsbourg, Ry Cooder, The Doors, Iggy Pop…

The singer songwriter is inspired by blues music since his early days but his composition are filled with inspiration of his travels all around the world.

In 2007 he meets the guitarist Ersin Erçin (turkey) in Poland and it’s only 5 years later that he decides to come to visit him in Istanbul. The city full of musicians from all over the world allows him to meet the future members of his band. He will start playing some of his songs freshly written and some blues covers in the old bars of Istanbul. In march 2013, BLOUZouki becomes the official name of the band and they record their first album titled“on the way to Istanbul”. 

Then the singer leaves Istanbul for about a year and comes back in 2015 with more new songs. The band is formed again and in March 2016 they record their 2nd album titled “Je Déménage” (I’m moving out) with 13 musicians. 

In 2017, BLOUZouki plays around Istanbul, the musicians record their third album “Hobos”, more acoustic, as a live recording at Roket Sonik Studio.

The year passed and the singer songwriter moves to Berlin and start playing there with other musicians, he forms a trio with a tuba player, Deniz Vural, and a soprano saxophone player, Malachi “Mike” Basden. Together they play everywhere around Berlin.

BLOUZouki will record its fourth album in October 2018 in Istanbul at Roket Sonik Studio.

BOOKING : blouzouki@gmail.com / +33 7 82 65 24 59 (Whatsapp)